About Me

17352358_1365542013510573_5089453528623920400_n  Hello there! Welcome to my about me page. I am Kaylee Krull and I’m currently a senior at Pittsburg State University, majoring in Graphic Communications with an emphasis in Digital Media. I am a beginning photographer, a designer, and slowly making my way into the web and video world.

On this site, I will be posting random blogs about whatever I feel like writing about that day. I have always enjoyed writing but never really had a reason to, so for this class I actually have a reason to blog! I may also be featuring some work I will be doing and have done at Pittsburg State, as well as work that I do for clients. I also do a little bit of work with vinyl and heat transfer vinyl, making decals for cars, coffee mugs, and even t-shirts. When I was little I documented everything with the disposable cameras my grandma would give me, and then in middle school I upgraded to a small Kodak point and shoot, and now upgraded to a Cannon DSLR. I’ve been learning a little bit about video and HTML & CSS coding, but not much, and am very excited to learn so much more about it this next school year.

I love the way I can express myself through photography, videography, and design. It is fun to get to go into something that you truly love and enjoy, and I hope you can tell that by my work that will be featured on this page.


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